Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Some notes about the Manti Te'o thing:

1. To some degree, I think he was in on it. Can't wait to find how much.

2. Big, big ups to Deadspin for breaking this big messy story wide open. I hope their staff saw some nice bonuses from this one, and if you didn't know it until now, they're a legitimate news source.

3. If you can't get your girlfriend interested in college football after this, then it will NEVER happen.

4. What a great lesson this has been in pronouncing Hawaiian names.

5. Lance Armstrong gets all the breaks.

6. Next time you hear somebody say "oh my god, that story is so sad" I want you to remind that person that technically, somebody un-died. She was dead, but then we found out that she ever even existed, so now nobody's dead. Duh.

7. I'm disappointed in the stickiness of the name Lennay Kekua. I think once time has passed, people will forget who that is. Thankfully the name Manti Te'o is perfect.

8. Off-field weirdness doesn't affect on-field production. Te'o's draft ranking shouldn't change, and for the most part his future on the field in the NFL remains the same. If a team is scared off by this debacle and change their draft strategy because of it, well then they're stupid. *Raises eyebrows towards the Cleveland Browns*

9. No Such Dame, The Lyin' Hawaiin, Te'oing, Notre Shame, this, Fool's Gold, etc. are like my future children: I love them all equally.

10. Photoshopping a catfish into a football helmet is annoying as fuck.

11. Is this the beginning of Twitter detectives, or is that something that already exists?

12. It's pronounced Man-tie.

13. I think it's safe to say 'Catfished' is officially a popular verb. Your move, Mr. Webster.

14. I liked the movie Catfish. I hate the guy behind Catfish. I most certainly do not care for his lower back tattoo. I hate that he is appearing on TV as an "expert" on this subject now. I am terrified of one day being catfished.

15. A star linebacker responsible for the rebirth of one of the most well known college football teams in the country, stayed faithful to a long distance girlfriend that he had never seen in person OR ON VIDEO?! YEAH, OK.

16. Don't worry Manti, NFL players won't use this for trash talk at all.

17. FaceTime is free when used with WiFi.

18. Shame on all the news sources that didn't seek out a young girl's birth certificate in order to confirm that she was dead and therefore once lived. Shame on you.

19. I love Twitter.

20. Cheers.

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