Monday, November 12, 2012

A Few Good Tweets

Kyle Kinane Kyle Kinane @kylekinane
I have diarrhea from eating too many gummi worms last night. I am, quite literally, too old for this shit.

Jeffrey Hadz Jeffrey Hadz @Hadzilla
Somewhere out there someone in a wheelchair approaches a staircase wishing his parents never gave him that skateboard for Christmas.

Parky Parky @ImActuallySEAN
I think i'm gunna start dealing drugs. Not enough to make a lot of money, but enough to get into a lot of trouble.

James Hough James Hough @hihough
In the new Clint Eastwood movie, I hope he plays a man set in his ways.

Conor Tripler Conor Tripler @ConorTripler
*pops collar* *pops collars on shirt sleeves* *pops collar on waistband of pants* *pops collars on uggs* *pops fedora collar* Rdy 4 The Club

Tyler Pearson Tyler Pearson @Thewhiteside0@
"ahh it's fuckin TRIANGLES!!!" - guy I delivered pizza to. Apparently wanted it cut into squares. #priceless

Horse ebooks Horse ebooks @Horse_ebooks
Everything happens so much

Jeff Klinger Jeff Klinger @JeffKlinger
Please delete any texts you received from me last night. There will be no lunches, no hiking, nothing is a great idea, no do this again soon

Schindizzle Schindizzle @Schindizzle
"Speak softly and carry a glow stick." -- Theodore Ravevelt

 carlos carlos @famouscrab
dvds is a scam dont buy them u can just turn on any tv and they lterally have shows on it most days of the week!!!

 vladchoc vladchoc @vladchoc
What we have here is failure to communicate. No, hang on. Ok, no. It's a dog. Sorry, I didn't see the tail. What we have here is a dog.

 Megan Amram Megan Amram @meganamram
"I'm thinking of a letter between 'O' and '3'" - Russians

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