Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Z is for...Zzzz

So I went to this play...

It was called Dionysus in Stony Mountain, and the lights were turned down low. I had just eaten a big meal, someone kept sniffling their nose, and this wasn't exactly my first choice of things to do that evening. Oklahoma City was playing Miami that night which could potentially be a preview of the NBA Finals.

So in other words I was annoyed, my mind was somewhere else, and I could feel a giant nap coming on.

The play opened to a guy in prison showing off his tattoo of Dionysus, the Greek god of grapes, among other things. That was the last time anything about Dionysus was mentioned. Is it weird they named the play after a minute of dialogue?

The first act of the play continued on with this guy yakking to a psychiatrist about Nietzsche, and how being off his meds helps him totally see where he was coming from. According to my phone, whose brightness was dimmer than a match, Oklahoma was hanging with Miami but the warmth of the theater and the dim lights were getting to me as my eyelids operated at half-strength. There was no Kleenex to be found, because the sniffling only got worse.

The psychiatrist talks this guy down and promises him that if he takes his meds and keeps it together for the next couple weeks, he'll get released from jail. The actors used the whole modestly built set to move around and explore their endless disagreement full of snobby language. The Heat trailed by 11 at one point, but were leading by half time. The play broke for 20 minutes so the sniffler could seek out some Kleenex, and the thought of some fresh air woke me up.

In the second act of the play, the psychiatrist had quit her job and is renovating a dumpy apartment with an obvious lack of experience in home renovation. Measuring the width of studs? C'mon lady, just hire a contractor. The fresh air did me good and I was maintaining focus. When I came back from the break I snapped up a seat away from the sniffler, who seemed to have dealt with her leaky faucet during the break. The Heat were winning by 7 in what appeared, statistically, to be a great, can't-miss game.

The psychiatrist's rude n' rich uncle shows up and, *gasp*, he is played be the same actor who played the Nietzsche-obsessed prisoner. OHHHHHhhhhh the irony! Much like the first act, they get in a heated argument about politics, family, philosophy, and absolutely nothing concerning the basketball game (Heat seem to be in control, I'm praying for Durant or Westbrook to soon take over). I'm beginning to miss the sniffler as they provided me a nice little subplot to the production, and the obscure and muddy language of the play is starting to put me back to sleep.

The two actors make up and realize they are there for each other more than they've ever been before. After all, what is family for? And no, that is not a line from Nietzsche.
The sniffler, I assume, took some echinacea and is feeling fine by now.
The Heat won by 5, redeeming themselves for the horrible loss to Oklahoma City a week earlier and showing all contenders that they can switch it into gear when need be.
I slept like a baby that night, wondering how the hell you spell Nietzsche.