Friday, January 20, 2012

S is for...Stuff

Is it healthy to want stuff?

I'm not talking about stuff like wanting to retire one day.

I'm talking about stuff like that new weed whacker on your Amazon wish list.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not going all Adubusters talking about anti-consumerism or the 99% (I wrote a really long and convoluted joke about Wayne Gretzky in these brackets and thank god this sentence is here instead).

What I'm talking about is, literally, something like the Amazon wish list.

Keeping track of things you want, but don't find important enough to buy right now? Or you can't afford it right now? Or you don't really need right now?

But what I'm saying is that filing this stuff in a website for other people to see doesn't seem normal either. Or actually, maybe that's the best part. Looking through each others stuff that we don't have. Like looking at each others hockey cards, but neither of us really own them.

"Uhhhh, I want that."

Well you can have it too you dumbass. We both can, because there are over 500 in stock. I just want someone else to buy it for me.

I don't have a Wish List. They sort of make sense to me though.

What do you think?


Friday, January 13, 2012

R is for...Rick Ro$$


If I could explain just one rapper to a person who hates rap music (eg. old people), I would like for it to be Rick Ross aka "Rick Rozay" aka "Teflon Don" aka "The Boss"

My Top 5 Favourite @rickrozay Tweets
5. Boss
4. Fuck yo feelings haaa
2. Wanna c all my homies w/ a big house and spaceship #richforever
1. My weed glows in the dark

He is always in sunglasses. He is arguably gangster. He is absolutely huge. He is The Boss.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Q is for...Questlove

Back when I heard Jimmy Fallon was taking over Late Night, I'm pretty sure I groaned and compared him to something a dog does a few hours after a big meal.

When I heard The Roots were going to be the Late Night's house band, I groaned and said farewell to one of my favourite hip hop groups. I figured there was no way they could possibly stay cool playing jazzy little renditions of "Jesse's Girl" while John Stamos sauntered into a chair to talk to the worst try-not-to-laugh guy of all time.

But here I am, admitting I was wrong.

Fallon is killing it on Late Night. In the beginning, I thought those stupid games that Fallon plays against his guests were lame. I am now a believer. And along with his extremely decent lineup of guests, the former SNLer embraces the young crowd really well. Maybe even more than *gasp* Conan.

As for the Roots? Still solid, and still releasing good music. Their latest album wasn't really for me, (too concepty), but it's good to see they're still turning out meaningful music. And they're awesome on Late Night. Questlove, who has the body of a heavyset grandma, is surprisingly funny and outgoing. Something tells me that if the band ever packs up and ships out, he will be the one to stay and laugh at Fallon's jokes. And hopefully he keeps doing more of this: